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Get Your Sustainable Soy Candles in Brisbane from Our Wide Range

Our Australian-made soy candles in Brisbane offer everything you need to set the right mood and instil beautiful atmospheric lighting in any space. We also offer a wide range of other cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle products. Mary Grace helps you enjoy the finer things in life while also supporting the planet.


What Sets Our Products Apart When You Want Candles in Brisbane


You might wonder what makes our products different from regular candles or other beauty products, so we put together a few points to explain:

  • We employ a 100 percent cruelty-free promise to all our customers for all our products. This promise means that we do not support or utilise any form of animal testing. We will also not ship anywhere that requires animal testing.
  • We make sure that all our products are sustainably produced and employ only sustainable packaging. We want every part of our product ranges to be completely recyclable or reusable. From the packaging to the tissue paper we wrap the products in, we make sure everything supports a cleaner future.
  • Our products are entirely vegan, which means we do not use any animal products. We want a better future for everyone, and through producing vegan-only products, we strive to show everyone how unnecessary and cruel it is to use animal products.

The foundations of our business and our products will always support the rights of animals and the use of recyclable products to better support a cleaner environment and a sustainable future.


Tips to Get More Value Out of Our Candles in Brisbane


Here are some useful tips to help you get more value out of the candles you buy from us:

  • Remember always to trim the wick of your candle before you light it. A shorter wick allows your candle to burn cleaner and brighter. Longer wicks tend to create a rounder, more erratic flame which can dull the light.
  • Try to let your wax burn in a way that allows the surface of the wax to remain flat. The main reason people forget to do this is because it takes time. Lighting a candle for a little while before blowing it out repeatedly, will result in a tunnel-shape in the wax. Leave your candles burning for long enough that they level out if you want all the fragrance and full use.
  • If your candles are in glass, keep it away from areas where the air moves around too much. These areas include air-conditioned rooms, and windy patios, for example. If your candles get too much wind while in glass, it will cause stains the glass due to erratic movement of the flame.


About Our Team and Our Candles in Brisbane

We started as a candle company and eventually broadened our horizons so that we can provide more eco-friendly beauty and lifestyle products to our clients. We believe that every home should feel as cosy as possible, and candles are a lovely addition to that end.

Get sustainable beauty and lifestyle products to keep an inviting atmosphere in your home while also doing your part for the planet.

Call us today and share your thoughts or order from our online catalogue now.