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Unwind With Wanderlust

It can be hard to satisfy our wanderlust within, but with scents, we have the ability to visit a world that is entirely our own… And in these busy lives we lead, where do we most often want to go? Somewhere that allows us to just unwind...

We want to rest our feet, lay our heads, silence our minds (And probably eat far too much food) So how do we unravel ourselves after long days, weeks, or perhaps just for the sake of indulging in a little self-nourishment? Look no further than our Wanderlust Collection:

  •  After a long day of chitter chattering with others, it nice to fling open the door and collapse into an evening all about you. Begin your wind down with a flame to your Musk & Vanilla candle. Let it whirl about the bedroom while you’re off basking in a sizzling shower. The day washing down the drain. Clean and calm. Back in your bedroom where it now smells of heaven, melt into the softness of your pillows and delve into that hidden stash of dark chocolate or any other treats you can find. You deserve it. The only decision now is what to watch on Netflix!

  • Sunday comes and all you want to do is enjoy the space and quiet. Pour yourself an icy beverage and lounge in the sun beside your Magnolia & Fresh Cucumber candle and the matching Diffuser to set the scene for a refreshing afternoon. Grab a book and let the world fade away, a relaxing combo for an afternoon in the sun. 

  •  Winding down takes many forms. sometimes it’s about laughing with friends and loads of pasta other times it's a night alone and a little bit of Netflix & Chill. Signify the end of your week with a low-key dinner party. Illuminate the night with lamp lighting and your Bergamot and Leather candle. A scent that pairs well with red wine, knives chopping on breadboards, and sizzling spiced tomatoes. Allow yourself to enjoy the laughter of friends knowing the week is over. Crack the fresh pepper, pour another glass, and forget about your troubles as rich notes circle the room. You’ll be sure to sleep deeply after this wind down.

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