Why You Should NEVER, EVER Refill A Candle Jar!

Why You Should NEVER, EVER Refill A Candle Jar!

It might be sustainable, but it can also be deadly.

Refillable Candles, Refilling an Existing Candle Jar and Candle Refills to pop into those jars are becoming increasingly more popular in the candle industry. Toted as the “newer, more sustainable option”.

 The problem is? It’s deadly.

 No, I promise, that’s not an embellishment! This might seem like a sustainable choice but these are so, so dangerous for your home I cannot even begin to press upon you just how so.

This blog post is lengthy but please read, it can save lives.

Why Refilling Existing Glass is SO DANGEROUS

  • A wick burns at 1,400°C at its hottest point.
  • Candle glass is required to be thermal shock tested, its an independent test in a controlled lab that tests the exploding point of a type of candle glass when heated. If it doesn’t pass testing - namely, if it explodes at a temperature below a wick at its hottest point, it’s not safe to be used for that purpose.
  • Thermal shock testing and candle glass are only rated for a single burn.
  • I repeat, they are only safe if they’re filled and burned all the way to the bottom once. And that’s providing the candle has been tested properly, with the correct size wick for the size of the jar, fragrance and wax type.
  • Refilling your candle jar drastically increases the risk of flashing or exploding and is a very dangerous thing to do.

Why Buying Packs & Filling Wax Into ANY Vessel is SO DANGEROUS 

  • If you are making your own candles, or purchasing packs online of wax + wick + fragrance and pouring them into any vessel (there are a few brands selling this now, I'm talking wax you have to melt to pour, not the beaded waxes that extinguish when spilled, they're much safer!) then you must, absolutely must ensure that the vessel has been thermal shock tested. The only way to do so, is to purchase that vessel from a verified candle component supplier. There are only a handful of those in Australia.
  • If a candle is in anything other than a jar that has not been thermal shock tested, it is not fit for purpose.

Why Refilling Existing Glass With A 'Sustainable' Candle Refill Sold Separately Is SO DANGEROUS

  • The wick needs to be glued to the bottom of the jar for two reasons:
  1. It stops the wick from falling against the side and causing the glass to explode.
  2. Because gluing the wick down prevents air from getting in under the wick and helps the wick to self extinguish when it gets too low. Air feeds the flame and keeps it burning without wax.
  • Even if you tried to glue it down yourself, the refill was made to fit a different vessel. There’s always differences in every single candle glass, even if they’re the ‘same style’ which can prevent the wax from being able to sit properly into the glass you’re refilling. It won’t always touch the bottom, or fit the sides properly.

Why Buying A Candle With Decorations On Top Is SO DANGEROUS

  • This has also become a trending thing amongst the candle industry, and whilst not all items are flammable... quite a lot that I'm seeing, are.
  • Crystals are okay, though usually we recommend taking them out before lighting.
  • Almost anything else, is not. Dried flowers, glitter, spices, you name it, I've seen it on candles. From small.. and large brands! Unless you're leaving it for purely decorative purposes, lighting these candles is a recipe for disaster! Always, always, always take the toppings off before lighting.

If this sounds dire, it's because it is.

Both Candle refills and refilling candle jars are one of the most dangerous things trending right now. I beg you, please be conscious of what this can do to your home and your loved ones.

Please be safe. 🙏🏻

*This blog post comes from a candle expert. We are one of the largest manufacturers in Australia for candles, diffusers and bath and body products. We have been manufacturing for over 15 years. We follow strict & global safety standards for our products and are constantly staying alert and on top of what is required to keep our beautiful customers safe. 

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