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5 Benefits of Pink Clay on Your Skin

People aren’t just obsessed with pink clay masks because of the Instagram worthy colour. That little container of soon-to-be-mud has some incredible beauty powers too, but what’s so good about it? Let's break it down.

  1. It Doesn’t Remove the Skin’s Natural Oils

Clay is a popular ingredient when it comes to face masks but unlike the other clay colours, pink is the most sensitive. It cleans your skin without stripping the natural and essential oil from your face. This is especially useful for beauty lovers who already suffer from dry skin and find other masks leave them feeling like the Sahara Desert!

  1. It Exfoliates

With it’s natural mild grainy texture, the pink clay can also works well to exfoliate the skin. We all know how bad plastic microbeads are for the environment, so this is a great environmentally friendly option to minimise blackheads, hormonal breakouts and congestion. Plus it’s still super gentle so a great option for those with sensitive skin!

  1. It Removes Pollutants

Whilst living our best life, everyone’s skin has to put up with a lot of pollution in the air. Pink clay extracts all of those negative toxins your skin may have absorbed throughout the day. After removing your mask, you’re left with nothing but the good stuff to keep it nourished and make your face glow.

  1. It Keeps Skin Fresh & Young

Pink clay masks are rich in Silica, which can help to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for supple, younger looking skin. We live in a world where anti-ageing products can cost A BOMB with pots of moisturisers and fancy serums pricing upwards of $300. Pink clay masks are a more affordable and natural anti-ageing option for skincare lovers.

  1. It’s Great For Sunburn

Sunburn can happen to the best of us, despite our efforts to protect ourselves. Pink clay is an effective way to calm red, inflamed and sensitive skin. Sunblock is your first step of protection but when you’re dealing with that after burn, this could be a good answer. Bonus if your mask has added Aloe Vera in it too! Just make sure you don’t leave the mask on too long if you’ve got sensitive skin as it might begin to aggravate it.

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