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The Art of Being Zen In The 21st Century

It’s no secret that people’s lives today are busier than ever. Between work, study, family, friends and trying to keep up with the Joneses – it is safe to say that your you time is lacking and that work-life balance is much easier said than done. So how do you take a step back and put yourself first? The answer is simple… Be more “zen”. We explore the concept of zen, how it can help you and what you can do to make sure there is more of it in your daily lifestyle below.

What does it mean to be zen?

Taken from a traditional school of Buddhism which focuses heavily on meditation and the core dynamics of nature, to be zen is to be calm and relaxed through chaotic times. Even more so, it is learning to not worry about the things which you cannot change and putting yourself first. The art of being zen typically involves being present and meditation, however it can also manifest itself in a variety of different ways and can truly be whatever you make it.

How can it help you?

Aside from physically enabling you to unwind and de-stress, another benefit of the art of being zen is that it can help guide you to true peace and happiness. However, that’s not all. “Zenning” (or peacing) out can help with the following and more:

  1. Reducing anxiety and depression
  2. Minimising PMS and IBS
  3. Boosting the immune system
  4. Improving your overall mood

How can you implement more zen into your daily lifestyle?

It’s easy to say “be zen and get on with it”, but how does one actually implement zen and relaxation into their daily routine? We believe it’s best to start small, to meditate and to add in some self-care to your everyday. The art of being zen doesn’t come as second-nature for everyone and it can even be incredibly daunting for some. Remember that although you may feel you are being pulled in a million-and-one directions, you can always dedicate some time to being zen. Start small, and break up your you time into smaller 15 minute chunks, rather than a few hours or a day at a time.

Engage in some self-care, but know that it doesn’t have to be extravagant and incredibly time consuming. A wise woman once said “self-care is not attending some extravagant ‘spa day with the girls,’ but rather being able to identify when you need to slow down and perhaps cancel that spa day.” Learn what works best for you, your schedule and how you are feeling. An easy way to indulge in some self-care? It can be anything from giving yourself a hand massage with some indulgent hand cream, leaving a face mask on for 15 minutes or even lighting a candle and putting your feet up to read a book.

Last but not least, in line with the true art of zen, do some meditation. Whether it is sitting and focussing on the breath, being quietly aware or listening to a guided meditation, any will bring a little more you time and lightness to your life.

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