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Plants That Purify Your Air

Sitting lush on the shelf they perch, resting kind and unassuming as plants do. Hues of green lolloping about gently or standing proudly to attention. Giving life to barren walls, sad places, and stale air by converting pollutants into fresh oxygen.

They’re little miracle workers, plants are, but the potential for a death on our hands often shies us away. This doesn’t mean though, that there’s not a plant for you. Find one that fits your habits and pop that burst of green in a funky pot. If you’re trying to live a cleaner and more grounded home-life, then start with one of the following low-maintenance indoor goodies. They literally clean the air in your home. Plants pair well with the good life. 


The Aloe Vera is a holiday-lover’s best friend. Thriving on abandonment this plant can go weeks without watering, say 3-6 weeks depending on your environment. Take that road trip up the coast, run away camping with the family, or just introduce it into your busy life without apprehension. Dubbed the plant of immortality by the Egyptians, use the inner gel as a soothing anti-inflammatory for when you return from your holiday burnt to a crisp.

Make sure to let the soil dry out an inch deep before watering and place in an area with lots of indirect sunlight. They’re great for bedrooms because they release oxygen at night, plus they reproduce easily so you can have many more to repot of gift!

Filters: benzene, formaldehyde.


A peace Lily is great for the new plant enthusiast. Stare away at your new prized possession because in a few days it’ll have something to say. When its leaves droop, it is time for a drink! Easy as that. While it is still low maintenance it requires a watering every 3- 7 days. Even when left sagging for days though, a drink will see the leaves perking back to life within minutes. Try it, it’s quite amazing. These deep dark glossy leaves look gorgeous on any backdrop and when they flower white, they hold a crisp and gentle company.

Sit them in indirect light to partial shade. They can tolerate low light, florescent light, and thrive in indoor temperatures. Great for the bathrooms and damp rooms as they absorb mould spores down into their root system for food!

Filters: ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene.



The snake plant is one for Miss Independent who needs more sleep and less on her mind. You can admire its thick glossy striped leaves, while not having to remember to water it for 2-5 weeks while it removes up to ninety percent of your indoor toxins. Labelled a bedroom plant, snake plants exhale oxygen all night long, helping you get the beauty sleep you desperately deserve. Plus, they’re tall upright appearance makes them a no-fuss addition to any bedside table or floor.

They’re tolerant to a variety of light conditions but will thrive in indirect light. While these plants don’t like being over watered you can take cuttings, place them in a jar of water, and just let them do their thing – sprouting roots into a completely independent companion. 

Filters: formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, benzene.



The English Ivy is great for home-bodies. The rapid growing leaves will creep, crawl, and dangle over furniture becoming part of the household. Old houses will find these a treat for they easily cover up background blemishes and a study has proved them affective in removing mould spores from the air! So if you’re prone to allergies and asthma, these hearty vines are worth a shot.

They look cute in hanging baskets or popped atop shelves where they cascade down. They like bright natural and florescent light, but direct sunlight will burn their leaves. When the top inch of soil is dry it’s ready for a warm water drink, but be careful not to over water these – letting them dry out in forgetfulness is better!


Filters: formaldehyde, benzene, mould spores, airborne faecal matter (pets!).


Pair your new plant with one our candles for an atmosphere that says ‘Zen’ and get cosy as the air around you is filtered clean and filled with a tasty scent.

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