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Mind Over Matter Mantras

It can be hard to relax when our persistent minds are chatting away, talking negatively of this and that. Picking at our hearts. Mantras are a kinder noise with a message for rewiring, a rhythmic phrase that can release stress and encourage new habits of the mind. They can be done anywhere and everywhere so really, there’s no excuse. Show yourself some love with a little mantra and like any habit, if you stick with it, the affects can be profound.


“I change my thoughts, I change my world”

Fizz, crackle, and pop go our thoughts, running through our mind. Bumping into nerves, whispering actions on the sly. There’s a complex map going on in the brain and every time we give energy to a thought, we thicken its road map - but create new routes and the old ones will fall away by default. It just takes perseverance and yes, your life is worth it. Chose to turn your nose at self-doubt, never to engage. When an unwanted thought creeps, stamp it out with heart-warming daydreams. As you change habits within they will naturally unravel into the world around you and the authenticity you feel will run rich and deep.


“Progress not perfection”

Sure, demand more, but don’t miss out on the journey. All the milestones that cause for clapping of the hands and a smile on the face. All the discoveries, relevant to goals or not – new food, friends, places. Time moves fast and with it, so do we, so heave the weight of perfection off your shoulders and take a stroll in the park. The air touching your nose and filling your lungs before rushing back into the world. You can set the bar on the highest of buildings but there are many stairs climbed prior that deserve a pat on the back. You have permission to be proud of where you're at right now.


“I create this life”

Time to hang up the blame belt and take control. Slip into a feel-good outfit, blast some tunes, and give into life being your responsibility with utter excitement. Feel the jitter under your skin. Where to next? You decide. You are a wizard with a wand, a coder in the matrix, a child with Lego at their fingertips. Maybe all you want is to boogey in your bedroom chanting this mantra until you collapse, but seriously, now that you’ve claimed your life as your own, what is it deep down that you truly want? Because like you said, “I create this life”.


“I am grateful for…”

Life frequently gets the better of us and we forget to make time to see all the wonderful things we have. Sit with gratitude and let it bring you back to earth. Look to your hands, they help you every day, the subtle rise and fall of your chest as you breath in fresh air, the eyes that read these words or take in all the vivid colours around you. What friends and family have shown support? What’s the best part of your day? What is your favourite food and how lucky are you to have access to it? Gratitude is a filler. It is there to give when nothing else will. So take a moment to be grateful and let it wash over you like a warm shower at the end of a long day.

With love, always.
Mary Grace x

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