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Australia is Burning, Here's How You Can Help

Mary Grace is commited to helping, any way we can. We have been quietly donating, regularly, to various fundraisers and are personally feeling the effects of these as we are directly impacted by the Green Wattle Creek Fire & now have the Currowan Fire creeping up from behind. We've been looking for ways to help encourage further donations and wanted to compile a list for ease of finding the right charities and fundraisers- whatever you can do to help makes a huge difference to the lives of those affected. Whether it's money, clothes, a place to stay, or your prayers and well wishes... it all adds up.

An Ode To Australia

It's times like these that we get to see the absolute best, and the absolute worst in humanity. I don't need to remind you of the destruction, or the pain and anguish that those affected either directly or indirectly are going through. Everyone is running scared and times are apocalypic. There is so much negativity and anger coming through, like waves of a different kind, bombarding us all from every angle... so in light of that, I wanted to say: Thank You.

  • Thank you to the soldiers on the battlefield, who are doing an amazing job, giving and sacrificing all that they have to be out there protecting us.
  • Thank you to those on the sidelines, doing all that they can to help out, big or small.
  • Thank you to those opening their doors to strangers, or giving supplies to another in need.
  • Thank you to the corporations who are providing care or money or some sort of relief.
  • Thank you to the bosses who are giving their staff the time to be where they need to be right now; whether it's with family, protecting their homes, or out there fighting the fight.
  • Thank you to the countries who have sent troops to help us, we need and appreciate your help.
  • Thank you to those who hold us in their prayers and hearts, because they matter, too. Everything matters.

Every little thing matters and all I can say, again, is... Thank You.

How You Can Help

There are countless fundraisers and Charities, these are just a few.

To Donate Money

  • Directly to the Firies: Click Here
  • Directly to the Families of our Fallen Firies: Click Here
  • To Celeste Barber's 'Please Help Any Way You Can. This is Terrifying,' NSW Fires Campaign: Click Here
  • To the CFA, Victorian Bushfire Relief: Click Here
  • To the Redcross: Click Here
  • To Bendigo Bank & The Salvation Army's Bushfire Disaster Appeal: Click Here

To Donate Goods & Services

To Help our Animals & Wildlife

Other Things You Can Do

  • Check in with your locals. The Fire Stations, Donation Centres, Community Programs, Evac Centres, anywhere else that might need any assistance or physical items dropped off.
  • Check your Facebook for select or direct feeds that allow the posting of offers for assistance.
  • Leave bowls of water across your propery for the wildlife.
  • Check in with your neighbours, especially the elderly, the young or otherwise needing further assistance. 
  • Call your friends and family and check in, make sure they're safe.
  • Make sure you have an evac plan sorted, know where to go if trouble hits.

If there are any we missed, or you feel should be on this list, please let us know!

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