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Mary Grace x Valleygirl & TEMT

Mary Grace x Valleygirl & TEMT.

I was 12 years old when I first walked into a Valleygirl store. For the bulk of my high school and uni days, Valleygirl and TEMT were my go to store for clothes and accessories. It doesn't seem like much to the outside world but for a teenage girl, clothes shopping on your own, especially the first time, is like a mark of independence. It's the start of ones journey towards finding yourself. I used to walk into their stores, marvelling at the set up so perfectly colour coded in sections, fingers running over the racks of clothing thinking "yeah, this is heaven."

Fast forward nearly 13 years and I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Mary Grace has partnered with these iconic brands. It's a childhood dream come true. Mary Grace is the gift with purchase for BOTH brands online orders over $75! To click onto either of their websites and see a slide with my product on there has my younger self squealing at the sight. 

Head on over to Valleygirl and TEMT to shop up a storm and pick up this exclusive Beauty Bundle along the way!

MG xx

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